Moving to Hawaii can be a simplified process if you take the proper steps and utilize a moving company that specializes in Hawaiian moves. VIP has been assisting families and businesses with moves to the Hawaiian Islands, from the islands to the mainland and inter-island moving. We’ve established great partnerships with the most trusted companies to handle your move from beginning to end. This includes complete door-to-door service with packing, ocean transportation and final delivery to your new island residence.

Based on the size of your shipment, your goods will either be loaded directly in an ocean container which come in 20 ft, 40 ft or 45 ft lengths. The other option for smaller shipments is to be loaded in a liftvan crate. These crates typically hold about 1,000 lbs of goods.

Due to fact that your shipment will be transported via ocean carrier, it is important to know the transit time so you can make arrangements prior to your goods arriving:

For consolidated shipments to Hawaii, below is an approximate delivery spread for your shipment*:

Western USCentral USEastern US
Oahu4-6 weeks5-7 weeks6-8 weeks
Maui6-8 weeks7-9 weeks7-9 weeks
Big Island6-8 weeks7-9 weeks7-9 weeks
Kauai7-9 weeks8-10 weeks8-10 weeks

*For full container loads, shipments typically arrive 2-3 weeks faster.

Some tips for moving to Hawaii:

  • The less you take the better. As with all shipments, the less you take the less your costs will be. Take the time to go through the items that you know you will need. Once you have decided, contact VIP for your free estimate.
  • Hawaii has very strict rules on bringing in plants and can enter only after inspection. If there are plants you are looking to bring, check with the US Department of Agriculture first.
  • Hawaii is also very strict with importing pets. If you have a pet and know you will be moving, you should contact http://hdoa.hawaii.gov or VIP for assistance. We recommend at least 4 months prior to moving.
  • For information regarding schools and education in Hawaii, also contact http://www.ehawaii.gov