medical-insertVIP Transport has been providing international shipping services for over 30 years. With our international network and global resources, we have the capability of transporting cargo and product to any destination in the world. This network includes over 1,300 service agents worldwide in over 180 countries. For a complete list of our worldwide network, click here

Our VIP Service includes:

  • Single point of contact: VIP Transport knows the importance of having one person manage your move. Our experienced move managers will be involved with each detail of your move every step of the way. With the heightened security requirements, our move managers will assist you with the preparation of your product to the destination country.
  • Highest Global standards: At VIP, we hold our standards high and we utilize only a certified and qualified network of partners. This ensures our customers will have a trusted experience from beginning to end.
  • Tracking: Our technology allows us to track your shipment so that you are updated with the status of your move and kept abreast of delivery information for planning.
  • On-time performance:  We are proud of our 94% on-time as promised percentage for international shipments.  This result shows our commitment to service and getting your shipment delivered safely, and on-time.
  • International Specialized Services Our specialized crating and handling services ensure that any high-value items such as medical equipment, machinery or electronics, can be packed and transported in an appropriate manner. We are experienced in transporting these high-value products safely to their destination. 

There are many steps to ensure that your product is not only transported safely, but all proper documentation and preparation is done prior to shipping overseas or internationally. The agent you select must be familiar with international import rules and regulations of foreign countries and export regulations of the United States. Utilizing an experienced freight forwarder can also save you time and money. VIP Transport is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission to handle ocean freight and we utilize our partnership with UniGroup Worldwide to export airfreight. Airfreight forwarders must be licensed by International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Our licensing and direct partnerships eliminate excessive brokerage fees for international shipping.

There are a few simple steps for preparing your product for shipping overseas:

  • Product must be packed and labeled for international transportation so it not only arrives in good condition, but packed with the materials required for ocean or airfreight.
  • All proper documentation is completed for US and foreign government requirements
  • Proper insurance completed in the event of damage
  • Shipper is aware of all duty requirements


Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)
Issued by the FMC, VIP Transport and UniGroup Worldwide is fully licensed bonded to act as an international freight forwarder License #4063 / 2308-H

Transportation Security Administration
Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (TSA /IACSSP)

International Air Transportation Association (IATA)
Issued by IATA, UniGroup Worldwide is authorized to act as an agent of participating air carriers to issue airline bills of lading and perform specific security functions.

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)
Authorized to negotiate directly with the steamship lines.

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