Over 30 years ago, VIP Transport was approached by a professor at a highly regarded University to transport his laboratory. The challenge was relocating his reagents at their normal temperature, which were contained in his freezers. The only method available was to transport the reagents on dry ice, which exposed the specimens to risk due to the non-reliable changes to dry ice in transport. VIP developed laboratory transporter vans, which allows freezers, ultra-lows and refrigerators to be transported under power, eliminating the need for dry ice. The insulated trailers were developed with plugs, so the units could be constantly under power during transport. That was over 30 years ago, and today VIP Transport has successfully moved over 1,000 laboratories, which have included transporting viruses, priceless butterfly collections, to DNA libraries. Whether its stem cell research or a biological specimen study, we are equipped to transport your research safely and deliver it on-time.


  • Single/three phase volt compatibility: 120v, 127v, 139v, 240v, 254v, 277v, 208v, 220v, 240v, 416v, 440v, 460v, 480v
  • Up to 12 freezers can be plugged in at one time
  • Back up system to ensure no failure during transport


  • Maintains climate temperature within trailer unit and circulates air for best environment for freezers
  • Maintains optimum operating temperature for freezers


  • 4,400 lb self-leveling lift gate for ground pick up and delivery, 8 x 8 foot platform
  • Air ride trailer suspension
  • Genie lifts, table lifts

Approved by the DOD and HAZMAT certified, our experience and credentials have allowed us to successfully transport laboratories for Universities, doctors, scientists and biologists.

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Laboratory Relocation

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