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VIP offers complete services for a move to accommodate and make things simple for your relocation.  VIP can assist with doing all the packing, unpacking and even made service at origin and destination.  VIP also offers complete hook up of your computer or home theater systems.  Please ask your representative for more details.

Your shipment is estimated based on weight and mileage (from origin to destination), these are your transportation charges.   Estimated charges are also calculated on the time of year and even the day your shipment is moving.  If you have flexibility with your move date, it is better to move outside of the peak season (May through September).  Additional services such as packing, unpacking, and third party services all affect the overall cost of the move.  If you are on a budget, the easiest way to save money is to do your own packing and to have a garage sale!  The less weight you have the less your estimate will be.

Do your research.  A short time researching companies can save you time and money in the long run.  Get references, check the Better Business Bureau and movingscam.com to research serious complaints.  Make sure your company has valid licensing and operating authority.  Unfortunately, thousands of victims are affected by moving scams each year.  VIP takes part in UniGroup’s Move Rescue program, rescuing shipments from rogue movers so VIP is very familiar of how common these unfortunate situations can be.

At the time of your survey, you will be given a transit date.  This will be the date range of your delivery which is based on your origin and destination.  Your move coordinator will be able to give an update on your delivery so that you can coordinate your date and time to be at your destination address to accept your shipment.  Due to the DOT’s new hours of service rule, our drivers are required to abide by the law and follow strict hours of service.  This has changed our industry’s transit time; we know it is important to our customers and it is our priority to update your delivery date/time as soon as we have a confirmation of the schedule.

Our drivers and crew members (movers) are all 5-star background checked.  Additionally, any estimator or representative that we arrange to be in your home must also pass the strict background check.  Our entire van line requires that any person working in the system go through the background check progress.  Once they pass they are issued a service crew ID number that allows them to work.  They cannot be scheduled without this ID.

For storing wine in a warehouse, acceptable temperatures are between 55-60 degrees.  It is also important that the wine is blocked from UV lighting.  Once the wine is transported into your home, there are individual recommended temperatures based on the type of wine/collection.  VIP’s warehouses include private climate control rooms with no UV lighting.

We utilized specialized wine cartons or specialized techniques with cartons and protective paper.

Wine should be moved between 55-65 degrees.  It is critical that the temperatures are maintained in a climate control environment for wine transportation.  Excessive heat or cold can damage the wine.

VIP’s trailers are equipped with logistical tracking so that equipment can be secured and strapped down in transit.

Yes, we offer inside delivery service or white glove delivery services.

VIP will assist you in determining the requirements for your shipment.  VIP’s fleet and capabilities include various lengths of trailers, high cubes, lift gates, Rollo lifts, Milwaukee lifters, flatbed and climate control.   For multiple shipments requiring standard padded van services, we will offer the best planning for the volume of your shipments, getting your product to its destination safely and on-time.

Blanket wrapped services refers to the specialized handling and protection of the transportation high value products, typically wrapped in a quilted pad or moving blanket.  VIP ensures the maximum protection of items for preparation for shipping, which sometimes includes shrink wrap or crating.

Yes, VIP Transport is a padded van transportation carrier.  We are not a freight carrier; our services are tailored to transporting any type of product that requires special handling.

Normally, used household good shipments and personal effects are exempt from duties, usually for a one-time move to each country. However, the regulations are based on each country and we recommend that you check with your destination embassy. VIP can also assist you with this information, however, it is important for you to know that new goods purchased free of duty will be taxed as per rate applicable in the country where they will be used.

If you notice you have a claim or damage to your shipment at destination, we recommend that you contact your move manager immediately. Your move manager can review the steps you need to take based on the insurance that you purchased prior to your move. Since there are time limits for filing a claim, we suggest that you make contact immediately to ensure proper filing and settlement.

Of course each move is based on your individual needs and size of your home. VIP will be able to give you an estimated amount of time after the survey has been performed, however, we have listed the following time table as a guideline for you:

LCL (Less than container load)1 day
Air Shipments1 day
20 ft container2 days
40 ft container3 days

Door to door services include packing and loading from your origin and all transportation and unloading to your new home at destination.

Customs officers in most overseas countries will be looking for inventories that show owner packed items (PBO). This can lead to inspection of the shipment and cause further delays at arriving at destination. Please keep in mind that insurance for international relocations will only cover carrier packed items.

In general, please allow the following time for your shipment to be delivered via ocean container:

  • Europe 4 – 6 weeks
  • Asia 6 – 8 weeks
  • Australia 8 -12 weeks
  • South America 6 – 8 weeks

For air shipments, you should allow approximately 8 – 14 days for a door-to-door transit time. Based on the destination city or remoteness of an area of your final destination, the transit times may vary, either shorter or longer.

We highly recommend that you are present for all loading and packing processes. This will ensure that all items that are to be moved are properly packed and accounted for. It is also your responsibility for compliance with the specific regulations for the country you are moving to. Our VIP move coordinators and managers can assist you with this process and provide the documentation, but it is your responsibility to verify your information.

Contraband, pornography, drugs, alcohol, weapons, ammunition and perishable foods are strictly prohibited by all countries.

VIP will assign one of our destination partners based on the country and city you are moving to. The destination agent will clear your shipment through customs and arrange final delivery to your new residence. Our VIP move coordinators will work with the destination agent through this entire process.

VIP’s move manager will discuss your valuation options. It is important for you to know that your valuation is based on the value of your items, which can change at your destination. For example, if an item needs to be replaced, the value of that item at destination could be different than the costs in your origin country. It is recommended that you research the value of your items at the replacement value at destination. For corporate relocations, your employer can often assist you in determining how to value your personal property for protection purposes.

While each country has its own requirements for allowable and non-allowable items, we have provided a general list of prohibited items to assist you in the process. Please reference our non-allowable list for more information. The local embassy also usually provides this information; please check with the country you are moving to. VIP’s move coordinator can assist you with obtaining this information as well.

Due to the preparations involved with an international move, you should contact VIP Transport 8 weeks prior to your move. This can also provide you valuable information to prepare for the move or reduce costs with suggestions on what not to bring. This will allow you plenty of time to take care of required items and plan properly.

To secure the freezer contents properly, we request that the contents need to be boxed or in containers.  Any void space in the freezer will be filled with bubble wrap or paper to further secure the contents for transport.

We are a HAZMAT carrier and all staff assigned to your shipment are HAZMAT certified.  This means our operational personnel and coordinators are certified in addition to your driver handling your shipment.  We also transport chemicals, however due to strict regulations we must classify the chemicals and then make a determination if our experienced chemical packers are required.

Our generator powered laboratory vans are 53’ which allows the freezers, refrigerators to be transported with the laboratory equipment.  This allows cost savings and the consolidation of the shipment allows the entire laboratory to arrive at the same time at destination.

Some of our units have the capability to have up to 12 freezers plugged in at once.