Core Values

Since VIP Transport was started in 1982, it has been guided by a set of values that makes the company what it is today. Later defined and adopted by the leaders and employees, VIP Transport has set forth 5 Core Values that defines our culture and direction of our business. ¬†These 5 key values strengthen our company’s performance and make a difference in the way we do business and encourages our contributions to both our communities and the environment.

    We will continue to raise the bar throughout our organization both by our capabilities and by the service we provide.
    We will uphold the highest conduct of ethics in all business practices.
    We will look to all VIP employees to act as a leader both in their roles in the company and in their contributions to our communities.
    We believe that each employee has a responsibility to our company, our customer and to our environment. We will hold each person accountable to do their part.
    We will focus on continuously being creative to offer new solutions for our customers, accounts and families that we move – we encourage our employees to contribute new ideas to make our company the best service provider and offer the most efficient solutions for our customers.