VIP Transport is committed to taking preventative steps to minimizing our impact on the environment. We continuously evaluate ways to increase efficiency, conserve energy and water, improve air quality, and reduce waste. In addition to VIP’s Environmental Purchasing Policy, VIP Transport encourages our employees to contribute and suggest new ways to protect our environment and contribute to our sustainability.

Last year, VIP Transport joined Mayflower as partners in the SmartWay Transport Partnership, a collaboration between the US Environmental Transportation Agency (EPA) and transportation industry that asseses the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement supply chains. Industry-wide, the Partnership will work to reduce fuel usage by 1.5 billion gallons that would otherwise result in 14.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide and 8,000 tons of particle matter.

When sourcing our packing materials, we make sure that no raw materials originate from endangered rain forests, and encourage our customers to utilize the Unigroup UTS wrap method. This method uses heavy wrap blankets instead of excess paper and cartons, while adding an additional layer of protection to your belongings.

Through our commitment and awareness, VIP Transport continues to take steps to achieve our goals of minimizing our impact on this great planet.

For more information on Unigroup’s Environmental Policy, please click here