ST. LOUIS – The San Francisco Symphony has been engaging Bay Area audiences with its compelling mix of traditional and contemporary music since 1911. But this Spring, East Coast residents will have the opportunity to hear the masterful sounds as the Symphony takes its act on the road.

Because of the magnitude of the multi-city tour, orchestrating such an effort is not a simple task.  VIP Transport of Corona, Calif., an agent for Mayflower Transit, known for its expertise in handling complicated moves and transporting high-value goods, was the perfect partner for this undertaking.“

A symphony cannot perform without its instruments being there and being in proper condition,” said Tim Carless, Technical Coordinator of the San Francisco Symphony. “We turned to VIP to help us with the challenge because of their experience with multi-city moves and their safe handling of irreplaceable items.”

The tour will begin at Carnegie Hall in New York on April 19 and 20; then move on to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, N.J., on April 21; and end with a concert at Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., on April 22.

Due to the strict time parameters of the tour, VIP Transport will utilize its knowledge of nationwide transportation to ensure the millions of dollars of instruments are delivered on time. Additionally, to make certain the instruments arrive in ideal condition, VIP Transport will utilize a climate-controlled trailer that can maintain exact temperatures and humidity levels.”

VIP is honored to be coordinating this tour for the San Francisco Symphony,” said Erica Ganey, Operations Manager for VIP Transport. “It is critical in hauling the symphony tours that every detail is met.  We are looking forward to providing excellent service to them for this upcoming tour.”

“Working together with the Symphony, VIP Transport’s team of moving professionals have helped us plan a flawless tour,” said Carless. “We are looking forward to playing in the East Coast cities and the peace-of-mind of knowing our instruments will be there on time and ready for us at each stop.”