Eight-day move includes transporting 123 classrooms, computers, music department and 57,000 textbooks

The 3,000 students at Rubidoux High School in Riverside County, Calif., are counting on VIP Transport, Inc., to relocate their high school in its entirety to a new facility a few miles away. Beginning on Wednesday, June 22, 14 expert members of Mayflower’s crew will begin to pack, move and unload a high school for the first time in more than 15 years in Riverside County.

It will take eight days for the entire high school to be moved to the new facility, named Patriot High School, where classes will be held for several years. Use of Patriot High School will allow for students to be relocated and the current Rubidoux High School and Mission Middle School buildings to be refurbished with no interruption to the academic school year.

“When the rehab work is finished, we will have reduced the current overcrowded learning conditions and will be able to accommodate the growth we’re experiencing in our school district,” said Bob Iverson. “This move is the first step in that process and the students and faculty are extremely excited about it. We’re very confident in the expertise of VIP Transport and are happy to have them handling the difficult logistics of a move this complex.”

Using 1,000 cartons, three bobtails and one tractor-trailer, VIP Transport will relocate 123 classrooms, lab equipment, administrative offices, musical instruments, 57,000 textbooks and the entire school library.

“Moving this amount of diverse academic supplies and equipment is a task that requires planning, skill and experience,” says Tom Stallard, senior logistics coordinator for VIP Transport. “We’re thrilled to have been chosen for this move, and we’re eager to show Riverside County how we accomplish such an important transition.”

Roubidoux High School will be completely moved into Patriot High School by July 1 giving staff and faculty plenty of time to prepare for the first day of school.